Saturday, 9 March 2013


           I read this novel which consists of five parts a long time ago. It is an interesting book which was written by   Govardhanram   Tripathi in the 20th century. This novel speaks about people from the 20th century and their culture. It also tells us the story of Kumud  and  Saraswatichandra. It has a tragic end but it really does touch the hearts of many people. The story has the father of Saraswatichandra who loves his late wife deeply and Saraswatichandra's step mother who doesen't consider him as her own. Lakshminandan , Saraswatichandra's father is a successful businessman in Mumbai. He wants his son to get married to his friend Vidyachatur's daughter Kumud. On the other hand, Kumud is the daughter of Vidyachatur. She is honest, bold and beautiful. She has a sister Kusum. Saraswatichandra does not want to marry Kumud so he sends a letter to her saying that he does not want to marry her. This enrages Kumud as he had said NO without even looking at her. She sends a letter to him saying that he will have to come to Ratnagiri and say to her parents. They both keep on exchanging letters when one day Saraswatichandra finally comes to Ratnagiri  to face Kumud's parents. There begins the story of Kunud and Saraswatichandra and how they both fall in love with each other.

           The story takes a twist where the step-mother poisons the mind of Lakshminandhan against Saraswatichandra. He then sends a letter to Kumud saying that he cannot marry her. So kumud gets marries to Pramad Dhan a shrewd man who wants only wealth. Saraswatichandran reaches there and stays there as Navinchandra. There loves sparks again between the two. But problems arise. Will they be able to overcome those problems ?

            This book was written in the twentieth century. Old customs were followed during those days.
This story is based on those customs. Anyone who want to read a story of true love and joint family can gladly have a look over the book. Anyone who reads this book can easily fall in love with the book. Govardhanram Tripathi has written the book in such a way that it catches the eyes of the reader immediately.

             The story is so good that the novels have been remade as a movie. Saraswatichandra was made in 1968 with the same plot line but with a different twist in the end. The novel is also been reamde as a show on Star Plus as Saraswatichandra. It may have a different twist , or it may not. I think Sarawatichandra is t=one of the best novels I've ever read.

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